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A.    Administrative staves

1.    Keshav Raj Adhikari, Ph.D.     
Title:     Professor of Soil Science   
Present status: Dean of Institute of Agri. & Anim. Sc.  (IAAS) under Tribhuvan University (TU)
Chairman, Department of Soil Sc. & Agril. Engg., IAAS/TU, Nepal 

Academic Qualification University and year:  Course-in-charge of M.Sc.program in Soil Science

Area of interest  :      
Contact  :  
Ongoing  Project (s)    :

2.    Gopal Bahadur K.C.

Title    : Professor     
Present Status:    Assistant Dean (Academic) and P.G. Coordinator    
Academic qualification University and year :   Ph.D. in Plant Pathology

Georg-August University, Goettingen, Germany, 1999    
Area of interest :    a.    Plant disease diagnosis
b.    Biological control of plant diseases
c.    Mushroom cultivation etc    
Contact    Telephone: 00977-01-5552378  
Mobile: 00977-9849160824
Email: kcgopal2014@gmail.com

3.    Saroj Raj Mishra
Title  :   Assistant Professor                                    
Present Status  :  Assistant Dean (Examination)    
Academic Qualification University and year  :  M.Sc. in Botany

Tribhuvan University, Nepal    
Area of interest :    a.    Conservation ecology
b.    conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants     
Contact    Telephone: 00977-01-5552378  
Mobile: 00977-9849065641
Email: sharojm@yahoo.com

4.    Bhargav Dhital     
Title    : Associate Professor    
Position :    Director, Directorate of Research (DoR) and Course in-charge of Livestock Production and Management (PG Program)    
Academic Qualification University and year :   M.S. in Animal Science

CLSU, Philippines    
Area of interest :    a.    Ruminant production and management
b.    Conservation of animal genetic resources    
Contact    Telephone: 00977-071-524854
Mobile: 00977-9857023540
Email: bhargabdhital@gmail.com

5.    Hari Krishna Panta
Title  :   Assistant Professor     
Position   :  Planning Chief  and faculty of Agricultural Economics    
Academic Qualification University and year  :  M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics
Tribhuvan University, 2005    
Area of interest   :  a.    Natural resource economics
b.    Livelihood improvement
c.    Food security and environment    
Contact    Telephone: 00977-01-4362893
Mobile: 00977-9841251181
Email: haripanta@yahoo.com    

6.    Krishna Kumar Pant
Title   :  Assistant Professor     
Position  :   Deputy Director, Directorate of Research (DoR) and faculty of environmental science    
Academic Qualification:
University and year   : Ph. D. in Botany

Tribhuvan University    
Area of interest   :  a.    Micro-propagation of endangered plant species and their conservation
b.    Conservation and utilization of medicinal and aromatic plant
c.    Ecology and environment
d.    Plant physiology    
Contact    Telephone: 
Mobile: 00977-9849160824
Email: krishna.k.pant@gmail.com    


7.    Gayatri Shah     
Position  :   Deputy Administrator    
Academic Qualification (University, year)  :  MA, P.G. Diploma in Women Studies (Tribhuvan University)    
Area of interest  :       
Contact    Telephone: 00977-014376603
Mobile no: 00977-9841521467

8.    Rajendra Man Bajracharya     
Position  :   Account Officer    
Academic Qualification (University, year) :   MBA, MA, BL, PG Diploma in Buddhism

Tribhuvan University    
Area of interest  :   Buddhism

Contact   : Telephone: 00977-01-4262304
Mobile no: 00977-9841302023
Email: gpo7470@gmail.com    

9.    Pratibha Singh Dangol     
Position   :  Assistant Administrator    
Academic Qualification (University, year)  :  IA (Tribhuvan University)    
Area of interest :        
Contact  :  Telephone: 00977-01-4242155
Mobile no: 00977-9849861226

10.    Kush Kumar Timilsina     
Position  :   Head Assistant    
Academic Qualification (University, year)  :  BA (Tribhuvan University)    
Area of interest  :   Stock Marketing    

Contact    Telephone: 00977-01-4242155
Mobile no: 00977-9849861226

11.    Nirmala Dhakal     
Position  :   Head Assistant    
Academic Qualification (University, year)  :  B.Ed. (Tribhuvan University, 2011)    
Area of interest :    a.    Computer application
b.    Accounting     
Contact    Telephone: 00977-01-4242155
Mobile no: 00977-984636881
Email: nirmalammaths@yahoo.com    

12.    Laxmi Gurung     
Position :    Assistant    
Academic Qualification (University, year) :   B.Ed.-on-going (Tribhuvan University)    
Area of interest :    

Contact    Telephone: 
Mobile no: 00977-984674583

13.    Shailesh Gurung 
Position :    Assistant professor  Aquaculture and Fisheries
Department of Animal Science and Aquaculture
Institute of agriculture and animal science 
Paklihawa, bhairahawa
Email -gurungshailesh @gmail. Com
Cell- 977-9847050404

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