Message From Dean



It is my pleasure to welcome you all to our official website of Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS). This site is designed to keep you regularly posted of our academic, research and agricultural extension programs, features and activities.
The IAAS, one of five institutes under Tribhuvan University, is the first agricultural institute of Nepal moved from Kathmandu to Rampur –a rural site of Chitwan district in 1972. It was initially established as an Agricultural School under the then His Majesty’s Government of Nepal in Kathmandu in 1957. The mission of IAAS is to promote agricultural and veterinary sciences and to provide technical manpower needed for agricultural development in the country. In recent years, the Dean’s liaison office has been established and it launched a post-graduate program in Kathmandu in 2012. Four-year undergraduate programs have also run in Lamjung and Paklihawaunder IAAS since four decades to represent the Hill and Terai agro-eco regions of Nepal. Our academic programs are designed to provide strong support to students to make them academically proficient and provide them with the analytical and technical skills for their professions. Based on their performance over time in Nepal and elsewhere, graduates of this institute have made us proud as they outperform others, are rated above the national average in their performance and recognized world-wide for their ability. 
At IAAS, separate entities such as Directorate of Research and Publication, Directorate of Extension, and Planning Sections function coherently. Our faculties have maintained research collaboration with various national and international organizations for academic excellence by delivering courses and technologies to respond to growing demands of food safety and environmental security. 
Last but not the least, I again, would like to request you to visit our website often and leave your valued suggestions. That would help us to remain active, creative, and assist us in developing our work programs for better outcomes.