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Directorate of Research and Publication (DORP)

Research directions and activities
Research is an integral part of the IAAS system. Besides the course work, the faculty members and students are actively engaged in research activities. Though IAAS is principally mandated for teaching of agricultural science, it has been outsourcing and implementing numbers of internally or externally funded research projects in agriculture and veterinary sciences. A separate research unit namely Directorate of Research (DOR) is in operation to conduct and monitor such projects. An independent account and operating procedure has been maintained for this unit. The Institute offers scholarship to students for M.Sc. as well as Ph.D. researches out of funds under DOR.
The research activities at IAAS are coordinated through the Directorate of Research. Funding support for the research activities includes IAAS own fund as well as external funding by national and international organizations. The research findings are published in the Journal of Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (J. Inst. Agric. Anim. Sci.) which is an annual publication of IAAS.

Ongoing research projects under Directorate of Research (DOR) at IAAS


Research Projects



Technical Advisory Service Project: Earth Quake Rehabilitation Project, Gorkha

Catholic Relief Service (CRS)


IPM Program







International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)